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Broward County Butterfly Chapter

Broward County Butterfly Chapter (BCBC) is an ongoing resource for today and tomorrow’s butterfly enthusiasts! BCBC provides wide-ranging education, including helping individuals learn to identify butterflies in the field, gardening strategies to safely attract and protect butterflies, and improving photography skills to capture these beautiful insects. With recommended sources of information for everything butterfly-related, ongoing lectures, and field activities, with BCBC you can gain both knowledge and hands-on experience in helping protect the butterflies of Broward County.

Join me in taking advantage of all that BCBC does to support butterflies in our community!

Join BCBC Local Events 

Local Butterfly Counts – Assist in gathering data that is used to monitor changes in where butterflies live and their relative population sizes

Butterfly Tagging – Help understand whether South Florida’s Monarchs and Queens remain local or migrate through our area. Track the longevity of these butterflies and their overall health

Local Event Calendar: Come hear interesting speakers talk on plants and butterflies, and learn more about local conservation activities

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