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Founder: Duncan Jurman

Currently a Senior at NSU University School, I have been passionate about butterflies since I was four years old. To develop my interest, I have maintained gardens and a large enclosure at my home where I have raised and released over 5,000 butterflies over the years. Yet, I didn’t start big. In fact, I began with one simple nectar plant that attracted butterflies to my home. I then learned they need a different type of plant (a host plant) for them to lay eggs on and for their caterpillars to eat so that they can grow. I realized early on that with only a little effort – and one plant at a time – I could help butterflies throughout their life cycle. Even at a young age, I was making a difference.

I have been teaching students about butterflies since I was in 4th grade, reaching thousands of students, parents, teachers, and school employees. I created Bring Butterflies Back to share my experience as well as to educate and inspire other students to join me in protecting South Florida butterflies. Ms. Chana Goodman, my mentor, has provided invaluable guidance and support to me along the way.

I am extremely proud to be working with both the Broward County Butterfly Chapter and Broward County Public School System on various efforts to educate youth about butterflies.

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